Danielle Earle is the CEO and Founder of PL Entertainment. 

One restless humid night, when I was personally going through a dark period in my life the idea for the series came to me. I rolled over at one in the morning and flipped the switch to my radio. It flickered on to a woman’s voice, later revealed she was in her early twenties, discussing how confused she was about her life. She imagined how she thought it would be after college but it wasn’t. She felt like a failure and she became disappointed not only in herself - but her parents. 

It was at that moment, as my arms rested behind my head, it hit me - I needed to produce a web series. One that related to all people, like me, in their mid-twenties, lost and heading down a path we weren’t sure of, a huge question mark on our own future. 
I believe we’re able create our own future but with that future comes trails and tribulations. It’s the actions we choose that create our future to be good or bad. The best thing we can do is work to enjoy, balance and find a little love in our life. 

Brooklyn brings us humor, struggles, drama with warmth and of course love. It’s a story at one point in our lives we’ve all experienced and can relate to.

I hope everyone enjoys this series, as much as I have enjoyed writing it.
Photo by Kaliya Warren